Commercial Applications


  • The average active shooter incident lasts 12 minutes, 37% last less than five minutes.
  • Every second is crucial to saving lives in an active shooter incident.
  • Placing the “what to do” at the fingertips of the employee allows for an immediate, organized response instead of “freezing”.
  • This Saves Lives and Mitigates Liability.
  • 40% of Active Shooter events from 2000 to 2012 have occurred at Business Locations. This includes Retail Stores, Office Buildings and Factory/Warehouses.
  • 29% have occurred in schools. (for perspective)
  • These event are increasing each year.
  • Supermarket Elkhart, Indiana January 15th 2014 10pm Two shoppers killed
  • Fed-Ex Warehouse Kennesaw, Georgia April 29th 2014 6am Six shot by employee before he shot and killed himself.


  • Call 9-1-1
  • Location of store
  • Number of Shooters
  • Description of Shooter
  • Type of Weapons
  • Are shots being fired now?
  • How many injured?
  • Location of Shooter in Store?
  • Give facts, do not make assumptions.
  • Notify all employees of Active Shooter through phone or text. (Should have mass emergency text system in place)
  • Has fire alarm activated? If Yes, deactivate audible alarm.
  • Alarms sounding creates panic, confusion and impairs your ability to hear gunshots when determine location of gunman.
  • This is critical not only for personnel to get away from the shooter but also for responding police officers.
  • Get to locked room, Shelter in place if already in room
  • Secure door, barricade if necessary
  • Close blinds/shades
  • Maintain video surveillance of active shooter from secure video room.
  • Use PA System to inform customers.
  • “Attention we have a 9-1-1 situation occurring please move to a secure area immediately”
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Respond Only to Police Commands
  • Drop anything in your hands
  • Raise hands and spread fingers
  • No sudden movements
  • Avoid Pointing, Screaming or Yelling
  • Comply with all Police Instructions