With natural and man-made threats constantly evolving and threatening public safety, the necessity for federally stipulated and dynamic protocols grows exponentially.

VitalClick, LLC is a Delaware software development company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Montclair, New Jersey. VitalClick designs, develops and markets dynamic protocol software applications for public safety agencies, corporations, educational institutions and other private organizations.

VitalClick’s patented state-of-the-art technology ensures that established protocols are followed consistently and non-arbitrarily throughout an organization’s jurisdiction.

VitalClick® is a registered Trademark.

Our patented technology provides public safety agencies with an effective and efficient solution for their required compliance with the latest Federal Standards.

VitalClickEMD ensures that potentially life-saving medical information is provided accurately and consistently - as all callers receive the same information, in the same manner, every time.

VitalClickEMD allow a given agency the ability to update and/or modify their localized protocols in a controlled, consistent and timely manner as required by the national standards.

VitalClickEMD specifically allows for timely and consistent updates during a period of national crisis such as a catastrophic epidemic – which is required by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza”.

Our patented technology enables clients to provide data for other devices and applications as driven by market requirements.

Our patented technology allows a commercial customer access to a standardized and medically approved EMDPRS application which makes giving potentially life-saving instructions, accessible, consistent and accurate.

Examples of the commercial customers who would benefit from patented technology include, but are not limited to:
- Workplace (specifically high-rise buildings, given the delay in EMD response time)
- Schools, educational facilities
- Child day-care facilities
- Malls, supermarkets
- Restaurants
- Churchs, houses of worship
- Stadiums
- Movie theaters, concert halls
- Government buildings
- Apartment buildings

Examples of the retail customers who would benefit from our patented technology, but are not limited to:
- Employers, employees
- Students, teachers
- Cell phone subscribers
- Blackberry, Treo and Windows Mobile subscribers
- i-Phone subscribers
Our patented technology enables several types of deployment for Internet and mobile devices. With this strategy, VitalClick is able to support the widest possible range of devices for delivery of customized protocols and information.

Our patented technology allows our clients access to a customized application which makes giving instructions, procedures, protocols - accessible, consistent and accurate.

Examples of the clients who would benefit from this patented technology include, but are not limited to:
- Appliance repairman
- Public utility repairman
- Crime scene protocols
- DNA retrieval protocols
- Jury selection protocols and instructions
- Federal and State Court protocols and procedures
Our patented technology provides a process for the utilization of a web-based database to maintain current, up-to-date protocols, procedures, instructions, manuals, etc. covering the broad spectrum of areas and disciplines.